One on One or Partner Personal Training –

At Primal, we provide movement and strength methods that will teach your body how to utilize its abilities for sport performance and for everyday movement. With injury prevention being a top priority, We will break fears and unleash strengths and skills that you never thought were possible. The awareness and balance we bring to your body will allow you to excel with us and on your own. After assessments and evaluation, any limitation and weaknesses that are clear to us, will soon transition to the strong and functional body you were born to obtain.


– Nutrition – 

With Primal, you can assure that you have someone to trust in guiding you to strive toward the perfect eating habits for you. We know it’s not easily, but we will make efforts in creating disciplined habits that your body will soon begin to love and prefer. Primal beings understand how the body operates with food and nature in order to reach your specific goals.


– Swimming Lessons – 

At Primal, we believe the body is best equipped when it is proficient on land and in water. Training in the water provides the perfect compliment to your strength training workouts and we can provide that for you. The perfect low impact cardiovascular workout that creates healthy joints and increased mobility.


– Health and Wellness Coaching –   

With Primal, physical fitness and nutrition are not our only concerns. To become primal, we teach you to go beyond what you see in the media by providing you with a multitude of effective and healthy lifestyle approaches. You will soon find out that these aspects are just as important as workout and nutritional choices.