Agriculture imposes external costs upon society through pesticides, nutrient runoff, excessive water usage, loss of natural environment and assorted other

Our irrigation scheduling is done via remote access in-field moisture probes and crop specific computer software. Channel and storage level telemetry can be accessed via smart phone, laptop or desktop from any location. Additionally, weather stations are integrated into our water scheduling programs allowing evapotranspiration and actual in-field rainfall to be assessed, improving the accuracy of irrigation scheduling. As a leader in the agricultural industry, we are focused on best management practices and on continuous innovation. We are an active participant in the Cotton BMP program, which is focused on growing cotton in harmony with our natural environment. We collaborate with local consultants to participate regional specific crop trials and are also involved in Pioneer Seeds’ corn and sorghum breeding program. Our use of Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning Systems allows accurate seed and fertilizer placement based on yield mapping to improve both yield and reduce costs. The geographic spread of properties and crop mix allows us to increase market opportunities whilst maximizing return on investment.