“Primal – power innate in us”

Why Primal?

In recent years, a negative shift has occurred in the space of healthy living. From one “new revolutionary diet” to the next, deceiving our common man has never been easier in an increasingly health-driven society. Unnatural substances and methods have become the source of deception, suggesting our bodies need an extra boost for performance. Yet that extra boost, to swim further, to run faster, to jump higher is innate in our primal roots.


What is Primal?

Primal is a way of life that harnesses your inner power naturally.  At primal, we stand for hard, but rewarding work. Eating simply, but smartly. Living life fully, but with discipline. To join Primal means going back to the basics. Simple earthly foods and a smart training plan,coupled with a way of life that encourages positive habits will finally give you the balanced body composition you were meant to have. Primal is the belief that you don’t need 3 protein shakes a day to get the body you deserve. Primal rejects the idea of performance enhancements and narrow minded training that doesn’t allow the body to reach its full potential. Getting back to your primal roots through awareness, mindfulness and smart living will forever build the plethora of skills and abilities your body is fully capable of achieving. From swimming and yoga, to strength and conditioning, primal will be your way of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Put the prime back into primates and optimize your inner power.