“I can honestly say that working with Steve for the last 3 years has not only improved my body and fittnes but he has improved my health and my happiness too. I have gained the body I have always wanted.
I have worked with many trainers in the past due to my job and the reason why I am writing this review is to share my secret… Which is Steve Cook! His knowledge about the body and nutrition is outstanding and I personally have learnt a lot from him.
He is very kind and also accommodating about price.
If you want to get fit and healthy go to Steve! He is the best”


“Setting up my first appointment with Steve was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In the past, I had many problems and issues with my body (e.g. tennis elbow, wrist/grip issues, and other orthopedic problem). I didn’t have the knowledge nor the confidence to go to the gym without the fear of injuring myself from my physical limitations. However, Steve helped me resolve these issues by focusing on proper form in order to prevent injuries. He designed personalized routines that tailored to my condition and needs. After several weeks, I began to see significant improvements in my body such as gain in muscle mass and strength. Now, I’m able to finish any type of exercises/workout routines appropriately and accurately without injuring myself.

I think the improved results from working with Steve spoke the most. Despite my physical limitations, I was able to successfully gain strength and stability without any problems. In fact, issues with my body (tennis elbow, wrist/grip issues, and orthopedic problem) have begun to disappear. At the same time, I was also able to lift heavier weights. I won’t be as strong as I am now without Steve.”


“Steven is awesome. He is highly educated on every single part of the human body. I tell him about a pain, he knows exactly where to stretch or roll out the muscles. And I always feel better. Steven has spent a lot of time on nutrition, and he knows exactly what I should eat. When I follow his direction, I lose body fat, gain muscle and the body’s pain go away. He can reduce pain and increase strength in one day. He is also a very kind caring soul. I am so glad I came across Steve in my life. Highly recommended!”


“Steve is a nice guy. He help me to become good at soccer. Simply, he knows everything about what the body needs and the food that is healthy for me. When I have pain, for example, in my arms, legs, hand, wrist, and back, he know how to heal that pain. I’m really glad that I chose him as my personal trainer. I really enjoy training with him because I get motivation from him whether by pushing me between sets or to focus in on the movement. I have been trained with Steve for almost 6 months and I wanted to continued with him but I had to get back to my home country for some reasons. If I had stayed, I would have kept training with him. I could say that I’ve improved at soccer because my friends and the people I play with noticed that. I noticed that myself and Steve was the one who helped me get that improvement. Thanks Steve for everything I’ll keep training until I become stronger and maybe even stronger and reach my goal.”


“He traveled to my apartment to train me and I’m now a regular client! He’s extremely knowledgable and is extremely accommodating with his schedule.”