“Steve is a nice guy. He help me to become good at soccer. Simply, he knows everything about what the body needs and the food that is healthy for me. When I have pain, for example, in my arms, legs, hand, wrist, and back, he know how to heal that pain. I’m really glad that I chose him as my personal trainer. I really enjoy training with him because I get motivation from him whether by pushing me between sets or to focus in on the movement. I have been trained with Steve for almost 6 months and I wanted to continued with him but I had to get back to my home country for some reasons. If I had stayed, I would have kept training with him. I could say that I’ve improved at soccer because my friends and the people I play with noticed that. I noticed that myself and Steve was the one who helped me get that improvement. Thanks Steve for everything I’ll keep training until I become stronger and maybe even stronger and reach my goal.”